The Water Crisis In Togo

  • 39% of people don’t have access to clean water.
  • While 90% in urban areas can access clean water only 43% in rural areas have the same luck
  • Only 5% of households sterilize their drinking water
  • A quarter of the Togolese population don’t have access to drinking water within 30 minutes walking distance
  • 7 people out of 10 don’t have access to adequate toilet facilities
  • Only 10% of the rural population have access to adequate toilet facilities
  • Access to clean drinking water is 7 times more frequent (67%) in an urban environment than in rural areas (10%)

The Water4 Solution in Togo

togoThe Water for Togo teams 2014 drilling season ran from January 6, and through June 30. During that time, they installed a record 106 boreholes with hand pumps, the majority of them bringing clean water to people living in the rural areas of the Maritime, Central and Kara regions. These wells were accomplished by five dynamic teams of drillers who showed tremendous determination and self-sacrifice.

2014 was a decisive point of departure for Water for Togo, as teams increased their knowledge and drilling acumen, receiving training in pipe removal, hydrogeology, jet drilling, and electrical resistivity surveying, which created occupations for two new survey teams.

This Water4 training strengthened the capacity of drill teams to respond effectively to the growing demand for drinking water in rural areas.

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