Blazing a Trail in Kenya

Posted by Hayley Stewart on 03/01/2014

kenyaWe are excited to announce a groundbreaking new initiative in Kenya. For the first time ever at Water4, the local government is financially contributing to the efforts of providing clean water to its people. Our 2014 Kenya Plan includes leadership development, creating in-country infrastructure, identifying and training five drill teams, and drilling 200 wells across two counties over the next year.

Due to government involvement, we are able to accelerate the process of training teams and providing accessible water at the village level. Local community leaders and churches will help identify young men to begin a business for manually drilling and maintaining water wells, as well as providing the manpower needed to support the drill teams.

The initial 60 wells will be drilled in Nyamira County, Kenya where a pilot well has been completed. The local village Chief has created a water board made up of eight women and eight men.Drillers are currently being recruited for training which is scheduled to begin in late May. The plan is to begin the project by placing wells at schools and early childhood centers.  

Funds allocated to this project will allow for Water4 to hire positions to oversee the training and ensure progress toward the project goals. This initiative will result in local jobs for the Kenyans as well as access to clean water for approximately 50,000 people.