Driller Training Embodies Self-Reliance, Brotherhood

Posted by Hayley Stewart on 03/03/2015

trainingIn January Water4 brought together active drill teams from Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Sierra Leone to train them to become level-two certified on the Water4 method.  

The level-two certification process takes trainees from their basic drilling and business knowledge to a point where they themselves can begin to train others on business practices and drilling methods. A team’s ability to carry on what they have learned and use it to train others is essential to Water4’s strategy of empowerment and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

trainingTrainer Matt Hangen, Director of Implementation for Water4, conducted this Seven Nations Training which was hosted by the Young Men Drillers in Uganda. Hangen anticipates six to ten new drill teams will be added to Water4’s program this year, all of whom will be trained by these level-two certified teams, not by Water4 employees.

“Organizationally, it’s our dream to see these guys taking over as trainers,” says Hangen.

Perhaps one of the most meaningful takeaways from this training had little to do with drilling wells. This Seven Nation Training brought together men from waring countries and put them face-to-face with people they have spent their whole lives thinking of as enemies. They were able to share time together over meals, stories, worship, and work, and by the end of the training went away as friends and brothers.  

After several days of both classroom and field learning, the teams were rewarded with a graduation ceremony where they stood behind their nation’s flag to receive their certificate and were able to share what this training and opportunity meant to them.

Hangen recalls that experience saying, “to be the only American in a diverse group of nation-changers and to watch them growing to a point where they will no longer need me was pretty unbelievable.”

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