First-Ever Manufacturing Facility in Ghana

Posted by Hayley Stewart on 01/09/2014
GhanaIn January we sent out this video of our CEO, Ray Sanders telling about a historic moment at Water4 as a container was shipped out of our Oklahoma facility and made its way to Ghana, West Africa to equip Water4’s first ever in-country manufacturing facility.
We are excited to announce that the container has safely cleared customs and arrived at the site of the new manufacturing facility. This facility will provide dozens of jobs in addition to bringing clean water to thousands of people in the surrounding area. In addition, the facility will become a model for putting every piece of the water crisis solution -- from manufacturing to drilling and repair -- into the hands of local communities, and represents a major step toward long-term sustainability in Africa and elsewhere.
This Water4More Initiative is a partnership between Water4 and World Vision, which utilizes World Vision’s vast infrastructure and Water4’s low-cost manual drilling technology to allow for more wells to be drilled than ever before.