Training Inspires, Propels the Solution in the Congo

Posted by Hayley Owen on 07/21/2015


For more than a decade, a local organization has focused on restoring human rights to the Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who have endured years of forced slavery by the region's other people group. The Water4-trained Ituri Drillers are a central part of that initiative.

Throughout 2014 the Ituri Drillers drilled water wells on the land acquired for the newly freed Pygmies, now numbering over 1,200. In June of this year, they attended training led in part by mechanical engineer and former Water4 intern Christelle Kwizera, who leads the Water4-trained Water Access Rwanda drill teams. Under her leadership, teams from around the region mastered VES Geological surveying techniques that will help them become more efficient by identifying potential underground water sources and the existence of hard rock before drilling.

"The training we had with Matt Hangen from Water4 OKC, Kwizera Christelle from RAW Rwanda, and David Afaya of Water4 Togo was the biggest and the best I've ever had," says Liringa (Ben) Koli, the leader of the Ituri Drillers. "I've seen myself growing really and becoming more professional and now I want to make as much as I can in practice so God's people can have access to clean water in my country Dr Congo! I left home on 8th of June and will be able to be at home only on 15 July and all this for a great cause. I praise God to put these guys in my life! I'm in experience of living the true love of God through His People! May God bless Water4."