Ugandan Drill Team Brings Clean Water to Orphanage

Posted by Angie LaPaglia on 09/24/2015

Uganda orphanageIn the village of Paicho, Gulu in Uganda, the children at this orphanage had been collecting their drinking and bathing water from a watering hole that animals drink from and other bathe in. As is so many times the case, the water was stagnant and was a source for bacteria and illness.

But just last month, Bitek and his "Young Men Drillers" spent tireless hours manually drilling this well and outfitting it so it pumps clean drinking water. Because of the Young Men Drillers, these 45 children and their caregivers now have access to clean water for the first time in their lives. Learn more about Bitek and his team in the "Our Heroes" section of our 2014 Impact Report.