Zambian Drill Team Reinvesting Profits in Their Community

Posted by Hayley Owen on 07/06/2015

PambasheSince receiving their initial training with Water4 in December of 2013, the Pambashe Drilling Enterprise team in Northern Zambia has embraced their business and their mission, and they haven't looked back. With more than 10 wells drilled so far, they are exemplifying the Water4 model of self-reliance and sustainability by using their profits for the long-term benefit of the communities they serve.

In addition to basic and advanced drilling methods, this team is also learning and practicing business acumen. Not only have they invested a portion of their profits back into their business -- in the form of business registration fees and safety equipment such as hard hats and protective gloves -- they have also set aside funds to start an additional business, buying and selling locally-grown maize.

They are using other portions of their profits to plant churches -- furnishing them with building supplies, Bibles, and song books -- and to start a benevolence fund, which will help local families with unforeseen needs such as funeral expenses.