What We Do

Empowering people to end their water crisis in their lifetime.


what we do

We believe local men and women are the key.

Water4 exists to empower local communities to transform themselves and solve their own crisis.

We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, drill their own water wells, and become local engines of sustainable change. We also train local residents in sanitation and hygiene practices so they can prevent the spread of disease and sustain the benefits of clean water forever.

Three keys to sustainable transformation

1. Flexibility

One solution does not fit all.


That's why wherever we work, we implement the most appropriate solution for that region. From local hand-pumped wells to paid water vending stations, every solution represents stepping-stone technology that can be built upon to develop future infrastructure. We believe it's the only way communities can pave a path toward the ultimate goal of modern public utilities.

2. Community Contribution

Everyone wants to take responsibility for their own life. 


We believe a critical part of putting communities on a path toward self-sufficiency is water point ownership. For all, that means contributing an upfront monetary contribution, land, time, or labor for a well to be installed. For some, it means contributing to a community water maintenance fund to ensure a safe and reliable water supply. And for some, it means incremental payment for water that supports ongoing maintenance and expansion of their own water utility.

3. An Integrated Approach

The whole individual, the whole community. 


Any task as audacious as ending a global crisis must be tackled on multiple fronts. We believe the answer to the water crisis isn’t as simple as more wells. We believe the answer to the water crisis is, and always will be, people. In response to that belief, Water4 embraces an approach called INTEGRAL MISSION. Through this integrated approach, all Water4 teams learn personal leadership skills and Bible-based financial stewardship practices, while also developing their ability to more effectively share the love of Jesus with every community they serve.

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We believe this crisis can end. You can help.